Maternity Bra Extension


Simply extend your own bras during or after Pregnancy

Extension for 2 hooks bras


Maternity Bra Extension

Double clips, extends by 8 cm and 9.5 cm (3.15 and 3.74 inches)

Comes in White and Beige colour.

(See colour description here: White and Beige)

A bra extender doesn’t just help with your old bras. It can help with your new ones too!

If you find your body expanding at an incredibly fast rate during pregnancy (and some of you will) then you will also find yourself outgrowing maternity bras at similar rate. That is one expensive hobby.

While you will still outgrow your maternity bra, a bra extender will see you get an extra couple of weeks use before you require the next save.

You will need to take a look at your existing bra and determine how many hooks it has.

High quality material and high quality tailoring from Austria to You by Anita GMBH.

Where is the Maternity Bra Extension made?

Europe’s ‘highest’ production facility is located in Matrei, East Tyrol.

Matrei is nestled between the mountains in an idyllic and beautiful landscape.


One of those pieces wasn’t made, but sourced by the expert eyes of the sewing workshop owner.

The main stream of the maternity clothes are made in a small sewing workshop in Budapest, Hungary.

Ildikó Toma, Workshop Proprietor: 

In our shop, in Budapest, we are selling self-made stylish maternity clothes since 2006.

Our goal is to provide comfort, softness and quality to all pregnant ladies.

Not only for the months of pregnancy, but for nursing and beyond.

Our self designed clothes are well priced to be affordable for every day’s people, just like you and me.

During the planning process, we make few different version of the dresses, tops and pants to let pregnant ladies try them and alter them after according to the feedbacks and ideas.

Some of the underwear are made in Italy by Bellissima FAP and in Germany / Austria by Anita GMBH.

Fiore and Lida tights are made in Poland.

Where can I see them?

For now the only place in Ireland is in Killarney – 10 New Street.

There are plans for the near future to open a second shop in a different County which hasn’t been finalised yet.

However, Killarney is a perfect tourist destination even for a weekend get-away. A brilliant idea to combine your maternity shopping with a bit of relaxing activities offered by the National Park and many spas and beauty salons around.

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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 0.1 cm



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