Home of high quality maternity clothes and accessories.

Made out of carefully sourced materials, soft yarn, flexible elastane, pure cotton and breathable viscose.

All Made in Europe – Hungary 89%, Italy 4%, Poland 3%, Germany 3% and Austria 1%

What does that mean to you?

Consistent high quality from countries where all the workers have rights and treated the way you wanted to be treated if you worked there.

Therefore no slavery, no child labour involved.

All production executed according to the law of the European Union.

The goods are personally selected by András Tóth, the owner of TrueDream LTD and it’s registered brands including mom2B Maternity in Style.

They are transported to Killarney, Ireland and distributed around the world to ensure every pregnant women has access to high quality maternity wear.

Why to choose mom2B Maternity in Style?

All items are made with care and passion for long lasting and stylish maternity wear.

The women will be giving birth to the next generation are those who deserve quality, softness and comfort of these products more than anyone else.