You’ll need tights with your stunning dress and a warm pair for the winter.

Tights are a kind of cloth garment, most often sheathing the body from the waist to the toe tips with a tight fit, hence the name.

They come in absolute opaque, opaque, sheer and fishnet styles or a combination of them, such as the original concept of the American term pantyhose with sheer legs and opaque panty.

Wearing of tights has a history going back several centuries, when they were worn by men.

Today, they are worn primarily by women and girls.

Originally, leggings covered only the legs, not the lower torso; were two separate pieces; and did not contain elastic fibres, so were cut close fitting (to use less fabric) and were loose, not tight.

When made of fine silk, this hosiery was considered to be a stocking. When nylon fibres were developed and introduced in the 1940-s, these stockings were referred to as nylons.

When the separate legs were woven together with a panty that covered the lower torso up to the waist in a single, integrated format, the term pantyhose was coined, since it was a one piece construction of a panty with a pair of separate hose, one for each leg.

This joining together eliminated any need for garters for holding up each separate leg covering.

In mom2B stock you find 40, 60 up to 250 DEN thickness of tights designed for maternity, but could be worn after as well.

High quality from Hungary and Poland.

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