The most important policy of mom2B shop is to keep all Made in Europe!

The mainstream of the maternity clothes coming from a small sewing workshop in Budapest, Hungary.

Statement from Ildikó Toma, Workshop Proprietor: 

In our shop, in Budapest, we are selling self-made stylish maternity clothes since 2006.

Our goal is to provide comfort, softness and quality to all pregnant ladies.

Not only for the months of pregnancy, but for nursing and beyond.

Our self designed clothes are well priced to be affordable for every day’s people, just like you and me.

During the planning process, we make few different version of the dresses, tops and pants to let pregnant ladies try them and alter them after according to the feedbacks and ideas.

The stunning quality of beautiful dresses, tops, leggings and pants are all self-designed (see pattern collection on photos).

The most important part of creating anything new is the comfort and versatility in use.

There are of course many items designed for maternity, but our aim is to create a wide range of tops and dresses designed for both, maternity and breastfeeding.

Keeping the quality as priority in mind, many of our creation is perfect for many years to come.

The elastan addition in the fibre allows our clothes to follow the changing shape of pregnant body and of course as it is changing back after giving birth.

Many of our tops and most of the dresses are designed the way, they look perfect on anyone – before, during and after pregnancy also.

Few Made in Europe photos from behind the scenes:

Fell in love with the quality? Than it’s time to get surprised how affordable are these great pieces for everyone!

See them all here!

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