Myrtle Green

Myrtle green, also called myrtle, is a colour which is a representation of the colour of the leaves of the myrtle plant.

The first recorded use as a colour name in English was in 1835.

Myrtle green is the official designation of the green stripes on Waterloo rugby club’s shirts, the green of Hunslet rugby league club, the green (along with the cardinal red) stripes of the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the green of the blazers, sports kit and scarf of St. Aloysius’ College, Glasgow.

It is also one of the school colours of Lane Technical College Prep High School in Chicago, the other being old gold.

The baggy green, the cricket cap worn by Australian Test cricketers since around the turn of the twentieth century, is myrtle green in colour.

Hex code on mom2B stock: #317873

Myrtle Green

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